Metabolic Balance at Allgäu Sonne

Allgäu Sonne: your certified Metabolic Balance hotel

Feeling fit and healthy and maintaining your ideal weight sounds like wishful thinking? Thanks to Metabolic Balance, it doesn’t have to. We offer you different Metabolic Balance packages at our hotel.

Metabolic Balance at Allgäu Sonne

What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic Balance is a metabolic programme developed by Dr. Wolf Funfack and Silvia Bürkle. The focus is on intelligent diet planning for metabolic regulation with the aim of supplying the body with exactly those nutrients and minerals it needs. Since each body has different needs and requires different foods for an optimal balance, all these concerns are taken into account. The natural insulin secretion achieved in this way has a positive effect on the body as well as its weight and health, although the amount of weight loss varies from person to person.

Metabolic Balance at Allgäu Sonne

Dana Meyer

Metabolic Balance counsellor / alternative practitioner

Dana Meyer, alternative practitioner and Metabolic Balance counsellor, began her career as a medical assistant. Her passion for traditional Chinese medicine was awakened when she was employed by a Syrian doctor.

Since moving to the Allgäu region in 2001, she has increasingly focussed on naturopathy. After training as a metabolic balance counsellor in 2009, she successfully completed her training as an alternative practitioner in 2011.

She has been running her own practice since 2016 and also looks after guests at the Allgäu Sonne during their Metabolic Balance treatment. Over the years, Dana Meyer has increasingly focussed on Far Eastern medicine and trained in acupuncture/TCM.

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Metabolic Balance helps with ...

... civilisation diseases such as type 2 diabetes, migraine, or allergies. Other diseases include:

  • Excess weight and cravings
  • Sugar and lipid metabolic disorder
  • Postural problems
  • Cardiovascular diseases, e.g. high blood pressure
  • Rheumatism
  • Migraine
  • Liver and gallbladder problems
  • Kidney and bladder problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Lack of energy and vitality
  • Hormonal imbalances / menopausal symptoms
  • Osteoporosis
  • Allergies
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Skin problems
  • Heartburn
  • Constant and reoccurring pain caused by illnesses such as arthritis
  • Sleep disorders

The phases of Metabolic Balance

With Metabolic Balance, the path to a healthy diet leads through four phases.

Phase I: Preparation phase
Your test results will be determined on the basis of blood samples and an individual consultation. They will then be used by the Metabolic Balance Institute to create your personal nutrition plan and to gently prepare your body for the change of diet.

Phase II: Strict transitional phase
Over a period of at least two weeks, the body adapts to the new, healthy diet. Per meal, you will receive only one portion of protein (in the form of meat, fish, cheese, or yoghurt) as well as light carbohydrates (in the form of vegetables and fruit). Fat and sugar are not allowed during this phase. Whole grain rye crispbreads are allowed.

Phase III: Relaxed transitional phase
In this phase, healthy fats like vegetable oils containing omega-3 are allowed again. Favourite food items so far excluded from your plan can also be introduced again. This is to test whether the new weight and well-being can be maintained with these foods.

Phase IV: Maintenance phase
You feel good and happy thanks to the weight loss. If you continue to follow the basic rules of Metabolic Balance, you will be able to maintain your new weight.

The most important phases at our Metabolic Balance hotel

With Metabolic Balance, the path to a healthy diet leads through four phases of varying strictness. The Metabolic Balance programmes offered at our hotel are supported by our in-house doctor and trained counsellors, especially in the important phases I and II. This, together with the wonderful holiday ambience of our hotel, makes the transition to the new diet plan wonderfully easy.

You can view the certificate of our Metabolic Balance hotel here.

Metabolic Balance at Allgäu Sonne

Good to know: Metabolic Balance offers

All services offered by the Metabolic Balance Institute and the medical care at the hotel are included in the rates of the programme. Many other services are also included – such as the use of our 2,100m² spa world. The programme costs can be settled partly by your private health insurance. Please consult your insurance prior your stay.


Metabolic Balance: your key to a healthy and slim future.

7 nights | Health & detox
Metabolic Balance Starter 7 days
from €1,922.—  per person incl. Gourmet half board
 | 7 nights
Health & detox
Metabolic Balance Refresher 7 days
from €3,394.—  per person incl. Gourmet half board
 | 14 nights
7 nights | Health & detox
Metabolic Balance Starter 14 days
from €1,652.—  per person incl. Gourmet half board
 | 7 nights
Metabolic Balance at Allgäu Sonne

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