Physiotherapy in Oberstaufen at Hotel Allgäu Sonne

Physiotherapy & medical massages

At Allgäu Sonne, an experienced team of qualified physiotherapists and medical bath attendants are at your side. They will advise you individually during physiotherapy in Oberstaufen and treat you with professional therapy options, the excellent quality of which is guaranteed by constant training.

Consultation and appointments: We kindly ask you to make an appointment with us in advance, preferably before your arrival. For questions and consultation, feel free to reach out on:

+49 8386 702965

Physiotherapy in Oberstaufen at Hotel Allgäu Sonne


Physiotherapy encompasses active and passive therapy techniques, which ease pain, recover functions, increase the quality of movement, improve coordination skills, strengthen muscles, improve posture, optimise routine movements, and activate the self-healing powers of the body. Therapeutic treatments can only be carried out if prescribed by your doctor. The duration of the treatment complies with the guidelines of the statutory health insurance.

Physiotherapy | 25 minutes | €50

Physiotherapy on resistance machines | 25 minutes | €45

Physiotherapy in Oberstaufen at Hotel Allgäu Sonne

Medical massages

Massages are one of the oldest remedies of mankind. Their effect ranges from the treated parts of the body to the whole organism. As a preparation for the massages we recommend a heat application: Naturmoor wrap, approx. 25 minutes, €30

Therapeutic massage | approx. 25 minutes | €50

Manual lymphatic drainage | approx. 25 minutes / approx. 50 minutes | €50 / €92

“The success of a treatment is based on the quality of the team.”
Isabel Müller, state-certified physiotherapist