Hotel with physician in the Allgäu region

Medical care & cures

Allgäu Sonne has its own doctor’s surgery. Dr. Benedikt Fink and his team offer you professional care as well as intensive advice and examinations as part of the Schroth or Metabolic Balance cures.

Hotel with physician in the Allgäu region

Dr. med. Benedikt Fink

Specialist in internal medicine and emergency medicine

Dr. med. Benedikt Fink is specialised in internal medicine and emergency medicine. He completed his studies at the University of Ulm. He completed his specialist training in gastroenterology and cardiology at Barmherzige Brüder and the German Heart Centre in Munich. He then worked as an internist on Mallorca for three years. Amongst other things, he looked after athletes from all over the world as a certified golf medical coach. He treated acute and chronic sports injuries in close cooperation with the local golf clubs. After his stay abroad, he worked as a senior physician in cardiology (cardiovascular diseases) at Lake Tegernsee. Today, he specialises in diagnostic imaging of the abdominal organs and the cardiovascular system. In 2013, he obtained an additional diploma in emergency medicine and has since worked regularly as an emergency doctor in Lindenberg/Allgäu. As a nutritional physician (German Academy of Nutritional Medicine/German Society for Nutritional Medicine), Dr Fink regularly carries out education and treatment of civilisation diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. For the latter, he was recently certified as a hypertensiologist by the Society for Hypertension.

Member of the following societies:

  • German Society of Internal Medicine
  • German Hypertension League
  • German Academy of Nutritional Medicine/German Society for Nutritional Medicine
  • German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Schroth Association Oberstaufen
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Hotel with physician in the Allgäu region

Sabine Brosig

General practitioner, spa doctor, physician for naturopathy

Sabine Brosig is general practitioner, spa doctor, and physician for naturopathy. She has also completed further training as a nutritionist. She worked for seven years on a psychosomatic ward in the area of depression and eating disorders. Until 2018, Dr Brosig had her own medical practice in Oberstaufen. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Hermann Brosig, who brought the Schroth Cure to Oberstaufen and established it in the region, and is thus a real expert in this area. Sabine Brosig is chairwoman of the Schroth Association Oberstaufen.

Hotel with physician in the Allgäu region

Dr. Aliia Fink

General practitioner

Dr. Aliia Fink was born in Ufa, a city with over a million inhabitants in Russia. There she completed her medical studies and also finished her training as a specialist in internal medicine under Russian law. After working in Norway, Ms Fink came to Munich in 2012. This is where she began further specialist training in general medicine. During these studies she worked, among other things, in sports medicine at the University Hospital rechts der Isar in Munich. In addition to general medicine, she is specialised in rehabilitative spa medicine, anti-ageing and prevention, as well as aesthetic medicine.

Member of the following societies:

  • German Society of General Practice and Family Medicine
  • Germany Society for Aesthetic Botulinum and Filler Therapy
  • German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Schroth Association Oberstaufen
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Consultation and appointments

For questions or appointments,
please call the reception of Allgäu Sonne on +49 8386 7020.
You can reach the practice by e-mail at

Your individual health programme

Make the most of your time in Oberstaufen and get a proper check-up. We’ll be happy to create a tailor-made therapy plan for you.



Treatment with infusions enables a particularly intensive, quick, and profound therapy and a rapid increase in your well-being.


Medical check-up

Have all your values tested and discuss them with a doctor from Dr. Fink’s team at our hotel – perfect for implementing recommendations straight away.



A cure in the Allgäu region serves as a preventive measure and especially to boost our health, but can also be carried out as a supportive measure in the recovery from illnesses and ailments of various kinds in specially designated institutions, such as Hotel Allgäu Sonne.


In our medical practice you are in the best hands for ECGs, sonographies, anti-ageing treatments, and more.


All medical treatments

Find all the treatments of our medical practice at a glance here.



In addition to her high level of expertise in general medicine, Dr. Fink specialises in rehabilitative spa medicine, anti-ageing medicine, prevention, aesthetic medicine, and biorevitalisation. She is a member of the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Medical golf coach

As a certified Golf Medical Coach, Dr. Fink has already looked after golfers from all over the world. He will be happy to advise you and treat acute or chronic sports injuries.

To the golf offer


As a certified private sanatorium, our hotel offers the possibility to take a cure approved by your subsidy office within the framework of the original Oberstaufen Schroth Cure and also within the framework of full board in the period from 6 January to 22 December.