Prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen

Prevention & rehabilitation at the hotel

We provide optimal conditions for rehabilitation due to the perfect combination of excellent facilities, therapeutic expertise, and our specialist network of doctors. Our offer for prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen encompasses three areas – read on to find out more.

Rehabilitation at the hotel/Private Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Rehab refresh

Prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen

Consultation and appointments

As your physiotherapist and contact person, I look forward to supporting you with my knowledge. Feel free to reach out and book an appointment.

Sonja Hölzler

Prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen


Your health optimisation

Health prevention can be so easy and worthwhile: Prevention is aimed at uncovering muscular deficits, bad posture, and tension and getting the body back into balance with simple yet valuable suggestions and tips. A very special selection of active and passive treatments and exercises awaits you to effectively prevent or reduce complaints.

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Prevention offers

Checks - elementary & effectively

  • Healthy standing
  • Healthy walking
  • Healthy weight

Active - analyze & optimize

  • Premium physiotherapy coaching
  • Classic physiotherapy coaching
  • Top 3 effective exercises

Relaxation - relax & feel good

  • Free neck
  • Free mind
  • Gentle hands
  • Light feet

Vital - relieve & support

  • Free stomach
  • Free fascia
  • Medical taping

„We provide inspiration for your health!“

Sonja Hölzler, Physiotherapist

Private orthopaedic rehabilitation at the hotel

We offer you individual and exclusive rehabilitation and a truly special convalescent stay: personal, holistic, and individual. Our team of therapists around specialist and head physician Dr. med. Thomas Wißmeyer supports you in optimal recovery, e.g. after hip, knee or spine surgeries, in the case of joint complaints or injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Getting healthy can be so wonderful.


In the rehab of our hotel, competent contact persons with years of experience in diagnostics, therapy, and rehabilitation are at your side for a first-class and all-round successful rehabilitation. Thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation, we are able to offer optimal care through individual therapy plans and intensive therapy sessions. Among other things, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • A physiotherapist as your main contact person
  • Our 4-2-1 strategy
  • Only individual treatments and training sessions
  • Personal introduction to our fitness world as part of the individual therapy
  • Constant adaption of the therapy plan depending on your daily condition

It goes without saying that we are also happy to receive your enquiry if you had surgery at another clinic.

Prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen
Sonja Hölzler

Physiotherapist/manual therapist/sports and gymnastics teacher
Private orthopaedic rehabilitation
Rehab refresh
Physiotherapy for prevention

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Prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen
Dr. med. Benedikt Fink & colleagues

Specialist in internal medicine/emergency medicine
Practice owner in Oberstaufen as well as in the Hotel Allgäu Sonne

Prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen
Dr. med. Thomas Wißmeyer

Head Physician Orthopaedics/Traumatology/Surgery
Head of the Endoprosthetics Centre at the Asklepios Clinic/Lindau

Prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen
Sonja Hölzler

What distinguishes Sonja Hölzler:

  • Trained physiotherapist
  • Numerous further education certificates
  • 30 years of experience

Recognising movement – understanding – changing – getting active

Prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen

Our 4-2-1 rehab strategy

your successful rehab

This is a well-thought-out three-dimensional therapy approach with innovative implementation of intensive therapy units. Sonja Hölzler guides you through your rehabilitation with individual treatments, personal equipment instruction, tailor-made training plan (indoor and outdoor), and sensitive approach to your daily condition. We only accept a few rehabilitation guests at a time. In this way, we make sure that they can enjoy the holiday ambience of our hotel to the full, on their own or, if desired, with their partner.

Prevention and rehabilitation at our hotel in Oberstaufen

Requirements for rehabilitation at Allgäu Sonne

You are a member of a private health insurance or self-paying and attach great importance to personal care during your rehabilitative stay – from the initial consultation with your surgeon to the competent team of therapists.

During your convalescence, you do not want to do without first-class service, starting with the luxurious ward in the Asklepios Clinic and ending with the 5-star ambience of Hotel Allgäu Sonne. In this case, we recommend a rehab stay of 10 to 15 days. We are also happy to offer you our all-round service if you didn’t have surgery with us. Arrival is independent and you can move with or without crutches.

The costs for accommodation and meals at Hotel Allgäu Sonne are usually borne by the patient. Costs for accommodation and meals are, in most cases, not covered by private health insurance. You can of course submit the treatment costs (via medical prescription, e.g. physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, etc.) to your private health insurance (partial reimbursement, depending on the contractual agreement with your health insurance).

Rehabilitation after hip surgery

Hip surgery becomes a common issue with age: Pain due to arthrosis in the hip joint, restricted movement, fractures due to falls – these are only some of the causes that can lead to a hip surgery with hip replacement. To guarantee a successful treatment, gentle surgery of the hip is one of the most important prerequisites. Dr. Wißmeyer chooses AMIS, also known as Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Afterwards, continuous support in the follow-up treatment becomes important. That’s why rehabilitation at our hotel is a great choice after hip surgery: While outpatient rehabilitation is of course an option, inpatient therapy is recommended after hip surgery. One reason for this is, among others, that older people need intensive care during their recovery, especially in the case of such a significant intervention as hip surgery.

At Hotel Allgäu Sonne, patients are sure to feel at home. Far from the usual hospital atmosphere, you get to enjoy the highest level of comfort and attentive all-round service, while the specialist doctor and therapists keep an eye on you and your hip joint at all times in the first few weeks after surgery.

Range of treatments

My work includes the therapy of functional disorders of the joint, muscle, and tendon apparatus

  • after sports injuries
  • for poor posture or relieving posture
  • for pain syndromes
  • for degenerative spinal and joint diseases
  • after surgeries (e.g. of the foot, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, hand)
  • for artificial joint replacements

Range of offers

  • Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy on resistance machines
  • Manual therapy
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Fascia treatment
  • Scar aftercare
  • Walking school
  • Rehab equipment instruction
  • Heat packs
  • Cold packs
  • Movement bath
  • Medical taping
  • Life training
  • Coordination training
  • Stability training
  • Outdoor training
  • Spa treatments

“Your motivation and my expertise – the key to success.”

Sonja Hölzler, Physiotherapist

Rehab refresh: your optimised rehabilitation

Still not satisfied with the result after your stay in a rehabilitation clinic or an outpatient rehab? Make your needs and wishes come true. Experience a personal, exclusive, and individual therapy combined with a relaxing holiday. Depending on your needs and goals, physiotherapist Sonja Hölzler will design one or two tailor-made and intensive weeks according to her 4-2-1 success strategy, during which she will provide you with personal and professional support.