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As a holistic naturopathy the Schroth Cure has an unspecific effect - but for this more effectively.

There is no other cure, so many pleasurable side effects are attributed to, than the Schroth Cure: Fountain of youth-effect, happiness cure, slimming cure, anti-aging-cure. And that's all beside the medical indicators. After a Schroth Cure every spa guest feels younger and more agile. Only a few days Schroth Cure boost the production of happiness hormone serotonin. That awakes a hardly known feeling of lightness, serenity – and increases the sensual perception.

„Both men and women are more relaxed and are able to observe their environment more consciously and uninhibited with all senses again“, knows psychotherapist and spa doctor Dr. med Hans-Harald Köhler. „The diverse landscape around Oberstaufen encourages with its simply graded physical requirements, not at least due to its numerous managed huts a love of movement, which is resulted by a Schroth Cure as well as the popular dance offers in the afternoon and in the evening.“

Such sensory stimuli have a significant impact on the success of the Schroth Cure as a modern anti-aging-cure. When women during their menopause and men in mid-life are faced with the question „Was that all?“ there is hardly a more convincing evidence for the weakened ego than the sensual self-perception following the Schroth Cure.

The „side effect“ losing weight removes also some complaints, which affect otherwise the joy of life. Therefore the Schroth Cure motivates changing your life permanently. In consultation with the doctor, medications can often be reduced or even discontinued.

Using the cure as an initial spark for a healthier lifestyle

Regular physical activity, relaxation and an alkaline-rich diet - thus the Schroth Cure has a long-lasting effect.

During the Schroth Cure you have experienced, how much more agil and comfortable you feel, when you are lighter and more relaxed. With relatively little effort you can maintain this new attitude towards life:

Integrate periodical movement and relaxation into your daily routine

Take the stairs instead of the lift, ride a bike and forget about your car from time to time

Look out for a regulated acid-base balance

Physical movement is not only a good outlet for stress, but also affects the acid-base balance positively. A lack of exercise supports excess acid. Regular relaxation helps to hold stress down or to reduce it also if you are under pressure. The vegetative nervous system remains in balance and the basic regulation works better.

In everyday life the Schroth Cure diet would be far from sufficient. After the cure a permanently diet on a lasting basis is recommended.


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