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Eating shot and grain has a little to do with the naturopathy by Johann Schroth. Most people are aware of this by now.

Can I take a cure also at home?
No, the exact implementation of the cure requires specially trained staff, for example for the body wraps and the diet. Additionally medical care with a spa doctor should should be provided to ensure an optimal health success.

How often is the Schroth Cure recommended?
In general, it is advisable to cleanse the body once a year. In case of high blood pressure, type 2 Diabetes, lipometabolic disorders and overweight an annual Schroth Cure is recommended. Every two years are enough if you use it for prevention.

How long should the cure take?
At least two, better three weeks. The metabolism adjustment starts after about one week. The full impact of the Schroth Cure will be seen in the third week.

Why "dry" days, when you should drink two to three litres per day?
The Schroth Cure is a temporary naturopathy, which effects due to different impulses – inter alia the change of dry and drinking days, as this promotes the drainage of the tissue and thus the excretion of acids and pollutants. The individually needed liquid intake is specified by the spa physician before the cure.


Doesn't the body need fats, to absorb some vitamins?

Actually, fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K cannot be absorbed sufficiently during the Schroth Cure, as no fat is given. But this is acceptable for the short time of the cure, as the body has enough reserves.

Can I replace the Schroth Cure Body Wrap by sauna sessions?
No. In the sauna you also sweat because of the high ambient temperature, but passive. In the body wrap the body produces heat actively – as with fever the body temperature is increased for a longer period. This activates the self-healing powers, but works only after about two hours in the wrap.

May I drink coffee during the cure?
Coffee is a luxury food, which you should not consume during the cure. Low blood pressure can be boosted by black tea with a little honey.

Can the lack of proteins be a problem during the cure?
During the cure the body only gets about 15 gramme of vegetable protein daily, as the normal need is about 1 gramme per kilogramme optimal weight (approx. 50 to 90 gramme). An average protein loss of approx. 35 gramme per day in the first week is totally harmless for the organism. Afterwards the body changes to fat burning and reduces the daily protein loss by itself.

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