The four pillars of the Schroth Cure

The Schroth Cure Diet
Calorie-reduced diet, mainly a balanced acid-based diet, free from animal protein, fat and salts enables an easy digestion, so that the body’s energy can be used for purging and detoxification.

The Schroth Cure Body Wraps
In the early hours of the morning each guest receives a full body wrap in damp cold sheets, packed with blankets and hot water bottles. This causes an increase of the peripheral circulation and stimulates the body’s metabolism. In return a complete body cleansing takes place.

The Schroth Cure Regulated Fluid Intake
The medically prescribed rhythmic change of fluid intake, named “dry” days and “drinking” days stimulates the healing powers and detox process. This is important for the body tissue drainage.

Rest And Exercise
Rest combined with the “dry” days and exercise on the “drinking” days, optimises the process and helps to regenerate the body.

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