The 3 phases of the Schroth Cure body wraps

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Those who hear about the early morning body wraps for the first time, mostly can not imagine the effect of them. Therefore we present good reasons for the dank wraps.

1. phase, approx. 10 - 20 minutes:

With a short shiver in the dank sheet the vessels in the subcutaneous tissue and in the upper muscle layers narrow. Due to the muscle tremors heat production starts. Blood pressure rises, breathing deepens.

2. phase, approx. 30 minutes:

The body reacts with increasing heat generation, skin arteries dilate and are strongly supplied with blood, blood pressure sinks, the wohle body relaxes. Heat spreads. At this stage some people fall asleep again, some are brisk. Now do not watch TV, but reflect on yourself calmly!

3. phase, approx. one or two hours:

A kind of good fever sets in: the internal body temperature rises about one or two degrees. Outbreaks of sweating start. Even if you sweat little at the beginning, it is healthy. Some need to learn the ability to sweat again. As an imbalance of relaxed and stimulated nerves in the vegetative nervous system disturbes also the sweat production.

The slight good fever activates your body's own antibodies, has an analgesic and antispasmodic effect, a balancing effect on the internal organs, soothes and stimulates the skin. The vegetative nervous system switches over to relaxation. Metabolic wastes and harmful substances such as nicotine are excreted through skin by sweating.


Aroma Body Wraps

After consultation with the spa doctor we can offer Schroth Cure body wraps, which are impregnated in one of the following aroma oils - exclusively with us:



Stimulating effect, clears the airways, antiseptic effect on impure skin.



Analgesic effect, antispasmodic effect on headache, strengthens the nervous and immune system.


Stone Pine-Oil

Has a stimulating effect, gives new courage and strengthens the will, makes it easier to make decisions, helps with mental stress.



Balancing effect, blood pressure-lowering, promotes sleep and relaxation.


Prices Body Wraps:

Schroth Cure Body Wrap: € 21,50 per wrap

Aroma Body Wrap: € 22,50 per wrap

Dr. med. Benedikt Fink, doctor at the hotel Allgäu Sonne

Prior to the Schroth Cure it is necessary to see the Schroth Cure doctor. He will do:

1. A questioning to disease history (Anamnesis) and current symptoms.

2. A full-body examination with auscultation of the chest organs heart, lung etc.

  • Examination of abdominal organs
  • Evaluation of the locomotive system
  • blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • measurement of weight and height

3. Drawing up the individual Schroth Cure schedule. If possible please bring your current laboratory values (blood values) to the initial test. If these are analysed on-site, the will be dedecuted according to GOÄ.


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