11 things, you should carry with you for a Schroth Cure

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so that you are well prepared.

1. First thing: Motivation
The Schroth Cure is quite challenging. Without a bit self-discipline you can forget about the start. Only if you want to do something good for yourself actively, the cure will result in a personal sense of achievement.

2. Current blood values and medicines
If you can bring along current blood values tested by your general practitioner, this will avoid another blood sampling. If you are taking drugs, carry them with you. The dosage can often be reduced during the Schroth Cure.

3. Positive thinking
The Schroth Cure is a relaxed cure. You laugh, go out, dance and are together with interesting people. Just try it, the Schroth Cure is not for nothing known as the „happiness cure“.

4. Dancing shoes
Dancing is known as a movement therapy during the Schroth Cure. Even the biggest dance wingers are hitting top form thereby. At 1 p.m. the first dance club opens its doors.

5. Peppermint-candy or oral spray
A fasting stomach takes often revenge with bad breath – and when you are dancing you don't only want to look good.

6. Hiking boots
The countryside of the Allgäu is fantastic – if you wear the right shoes. On the "drinking" days movement is necessary. This strengthens the muscles, burns unnecessary fat and reduces stress.

7. Your favourite jeans, that are much too tight

It's just a side effect – but a temptingly good one! After a few days of Schroth Cure your jeans will fit again. Then everything will be fine!

8. Sportswear and swimming gears
For yoga, gymnastics, water sports, medical consultation and relaxing hours in between.

9. A book
We would recommend the book „Aus Liebe zum Leben“ by Dr. Susanne Neuy, but of course it can also be a romance novel. The three "dry" days per week are also rest days – and therefore perfect days for bookworms.

10. Backpack
Is perfect during the "drinking" days on one of the many alpine huts – and is ideal for the way home, because you can carry a lot of Allgäu cheese. During the Schroth Cure cheese unfortunately is not allowed – but afterwards it tastes twice as good as before.

11. Smartphone
With smartphone, tablet or laptop you can surf the internet at many hotspots in Oberstaufen free of charge due to your guest card. At the „most digital health spa in Germany“ you can also use the services of the digital tourist info around the clock and will always be informed.

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