Schroth Cure in Oberstaufen

With the „Original Oberstaufen Schroth Cure“ Oberstaufen offers an excellent holistic natural medicine, which releases and detoxifies the body thoroughly in a few weeks. Invest ideally two to three weeks discipline in your health. The aim is to restart the endogenous healing and regeneration powers.

Schroth Cure at the Allgäu Sonne

Oberstaufen is the only Schroth spa in Germany and therefore the German Centre for Schroth Cure treatments. The naturopathy is practiced according to traditional methods in Oberstaufen and the guidelines are still strictly controlled by the German Schrothverband e.V.. You achieve more for health and well-being in harmony with nature.

The Allgäu Sonne is one of more than 60 certified companies, which offer the Original Schroth Cure in Oberstaufen. In the luxurious 5-stars-ambience of our hotel the Cure is almost holiday. The necessary discipline during the Schroth Cure is definitely supported by hearty hosts, friendly service and health resort doctor.

The Schroth Cure is based on Johann Schroth and aims to detoxify the body and stimulate the self-healing powers.

The Original Schroth Cure causes a culinary sacrifice, but at the Allgäu Sonne it's a bit easier as we have an own restaurant for Schroth Cure guests, the so called Schrothstube. There you can meet like-minded people, talk about cure results in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the meal plan. Despite strict cure requirements this was created very attractively by our kitchen team and contains excellent dishes.

With an own surgery we are able to offer our guests the service of a perfect and professional medical assistance. Dr. Fink and his team will help you on site, clarify all details with you before you start your cure and develop an individual cure schedule for you. If problems arise during your cure time in Oberstaufen, changes will be made flexibly and quickly. The final discussion wih Dr. Fink & colleagues provides information on the cure's success.

Schroth Cure Brochure


The four pillars of the Schroth Cure

Information on the Schroth Cure diet, body wraps, regulated fluid intake, rest and exercise.

The effect of Schroth Cure body wraps

We introduce you to the benefits of the damp wraps.

The Schroth Cure is helpful for...

Several symptoms can be relieved with the Schroth Cure.

Frequently asked questions about the Schroth Cure

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Wonderful side effects of your Schroth Cure

As a holistic naturopathy the Schroth Cure has an unspecific effect - but for this more effectively.

11 things, you should carry with you

for being well prepared for your Schroth Cure in Oberstaufen.


especially for the Schroth Cure

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