Eine Blüte liegt neben weißen Kernen in einer Schale

The phases of Metabolic Balance at a glance

Phase I: Preparation Phase

Your test results will be determined on the basis of a blood sample and an individual consultation. Then you will receive your personal nutrition plan, from the Metabolic Balance Institute and the body will be prepared gently for the imminent change of diet.

Phase II: Strict Transitional Phase

In the period of at least 2 weeks the changeover of your body to a new, healthy diet takes places. Per meal you will receive only one portion of protein (in the form of meat, fish, cheese or yoghurt) as well as light carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and fruit. Fat and sugar are not allowed in this phase. Whole grain rye crisp breads are allowed.

Phase III: Slacker Transitional Phase

In this phase healthy fats like vegetable oils containing omega-3 oils are allowed again. Food items so far excluded from your plan can now be introduced again. This tests whether weight loss and the feeling of well-being can be maintained with these foods.

Phase IV: Maintenance Phase

You have a sense of well-being and are happy with the weight loss. You will continue to follow the basic rules of Metabolic Balance to maintain the achieved success permanently.


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