Christmas Markets & Christmas Traditions

One of the most romantic Christmas Markets certainly is Lindau’s Harbour Christmas Market. From Oberstaufen you can easily get there by train, the island station is located directly towards the market.

The "angel-flight" at 6.30 p.m. is the daily highlight at the Schlossweihnacht in Isny.

In Kempten you can find one of the largest Christmas Markets in the Allgäu. It has an own Christmas stage, where numerous concerts and readings take place.

A typical custom around St. Nicolas Day is the Bärbele- und Klausentreiben. Young, unmarried men (Klausen) and women (Bärbele) stroll through the villages in the disguise of scary creatures, to banish winter spirits. On 4th December the Bärbeletreiben takes place in Oberstaufen and the Klausen stroll through the village on 5th & 6th December.


Christmas Markets 2021

Date Location                                                
Wed, 24th November Kempten
Thur, 25th November Lindau, Kempten
Fri, 26th November Lindau, Kempten
Sat, 27th November Lindau, Kempten, Immenstadt, Wangen, Heimenkirch
Sun, 28th November Lindau, Kempten, Immenstadt, Simmerberg
Mon, 29th November Lindau, Kempten
Tue, 30th November Lindau, Kempten
Wed, 1st December Lindau, Kempten, Isny, Sonthofen
Thur, 2nd December Lindau, Kempten, Isny, Sonthofen
Fri, 3rd December Lindau, Kempten, Isny, Sonthofen
Sat, 4th December Lindau, Kempten, Isny, Sonthofen, Wangen
Son, 5th December Lindau, Kempten, Isny, Sonthofen, Weiler
Mon, 6th December Lindau, Kempten, Lindenberg
Tue, 7th December Lindau, Kempten
Wed, 8th December Lindau, Kempten
Thur, 9th December Lindau, Kempten
Fri, 10th December Lindau, Kempten
Sat, 11th December Lindau, Kempten, Wangen
Sun, 12th December Lindau, Kempten
Mon, 13th December Lindau, Kempten
Tue, 14th December Lindau, Kempten
Wed, 15th December Lindau, Kempten
Thur, 16th December Lindau, Kempten
Fri, 17th December Lindau, Kempten
Sat, 18th December Lindau, Kempten, Wangen
Sun, 19th December Lindau, Kempten
Mon, 20th December Kempten
Tue, 21st December Kempten
Wed, 22nd December Kempten
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