Ärzte im Hotel Allgäu Sonne

Medical Care in a prime holiday location

The Allgäu Sonne has its own doctor’s surgery offering a fully qualified medical service on location. In the pleasant atmosphere of our house, Dr. Köhler a general practitioner and his team, will care for and advise you. The practice is of high standard, allowing for various in-house treatments. The professional support consists of a detailed preliminary examination, a complete guidance during your therapy and health Cure and an initial and final medical examination.

Professional expertise of Dr. Hans-Harald Köhler:

  • General Pracitioner
    covers a wide spectrum of medical problems, from respiratory tract to muscular skeletal ailments, at a specialist level
  • Chirotherapy
    gentle mobilising of vertebra displacements
  • Acupuncture
    regulations and pain therapy according to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and also the application of modern Trigger Point Therapy- pain research
  • Neural Therapy
    naturopathic relief of acute pain
  • Naturopathy
    gentle natural remedy treatment methods, using herbal medicine for certain illnesses
  • Cures and Rehabilitation Medicine
    setting up a therapy plan with an individual treatment concept with massages, physiotherapy, medicinal baths and healing-mud peloid applications
  • Psychotherapy
    psychosomatic medicine tackles the interplay of body and soul, helping to find the right solutions for a balanced mind
  • Well-Aging
    for a good physical feeling and the Work-Life-Balance treatment to help rectify deficiencies, depending upon your own personal needs and after laboratory analyses of the vitamins, minerals and the mineral release present in your body. This also includes training in relaxation methods

Our house is recognised as an approved sanatorium and therefore eligible costs incurred are accepted in accordance with the guidelines as stated in the paragraph § 30 GVO/Nr. 6.

Doctor's surgery Dr. Köhler at the Allgäu Sonne

For appointments and questions please contact us via +49 8386 702 0 or via info@praxis-koehler.com.

Dr. Hans-Harald Köhler, Specialist for general medicine

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