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Relaxing, finding your inner peace and letting yourself be spoilt…
Pleasant … relaxing, harmonising, activating – the effect of massage techniques can be wide-ranging. No matter which massage you choose, our qualified therapists guarantee effective and pleasant effects for body and soul.

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Luxury is...

to be spoilt by healing hands.

Soothing Massages

Full Body Massage approx. 60 Min. 74,- €
Aromatheraphy - Full Body Massage approx. 60 Min. 78,- €
Aromatheraphy - Back Massage approx. 30 Min. 40,- €
Hot Stone Massage approx. 60 Min. 85,- €
Lomi-Lomi-Massage approx. 60 Min. 98,- €
Sport Massage  approx. 60 Min. 78,- €
Drainage for Relaxation approx. 30 Min. approx. 60 Min. 40,- € / 72,- €
„Free Neck“ Massage approx. 30 Min. 40,- €
„Free Head“ Massage  approx. 30 Min. 40,- €

Therapeutic Massages

Classical Massage approx. 30 Min. 37,- €
Manual Lymph Drainage approx. 30 Min. / approx. 60 Min. 38,- € / 70,- €
Reflexology Zone Foot Massage approx. 30 Min. 41,- €
Dorn Technique Massage approx. 30 Min. 39,- €

To optimise the effects of the massage we recommend the following treatments to begin with (each approx. 30 min.): Natural Peat – pack 28 EUR


(each approx. 20 min, all incl. Colour Light Therapy and on demand with Jacuzzi function)

Plunge into the versatile world of baths and enjoy the relaxing, activating, balancing or blood flow stimulating effect. Baths are an ideal way to alleviate stress, relax your muscles, nurture your skin and indulge your soul.



Allgäu Herbal Salt-bath  36,- €
Milk and Honey-bath  36,- €
Beer Bath  36,- €


Deacidification-bath with a dry pack  approx. 45 Min.  39,- €
Thalasso-Sea Salt-Spa-bath    43,- €


Whey Mineral-bath  33,- €
Edelweiss Mountain Herbs-bath  36,- €
Wild Lavender-bath  36,- €

Packs in a Waterbed with the "Flowel Method" (each approx. 25 Min.)

Weightless… experience total relaxation and feel weightless with the Flowel system. The constantly pleasant temperature of the waterbed and the use of high-quality natural products encourage the skin to soak up valuable ingredients. They can have a regenerative, purging, lipid balancing or relaxing effect.



Goats Milk-pack  40 EUR
Evening Primrose-Cream-pack  43 EUR


Natural Hay Meadow-pack  37 EUR
Pumpkin-pack  40 EUR
Thalasso-Purifying-pack 45 EUR

Metabolism activating

Alpine-herbal-pack  39 EUR
Natural-Moor Mud-pack  37 EUR


Drainage for relaxation and aromatherapy leg compress
(approx. 60 min) € 72,-


Thalasso sea salt jacuzzi bath, Thalasso purifying pack and a full body massage
(approx. 90 min.) € 114,-​

Wellness treatment request

To ensure, that we can offer you your desired treatment a reservation should be made before you arrive.
For any queries or advice you can contact us at: +49 83 86 70 29 65 or mail us at:

We are looking forward to your request.

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