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„Our face is the mirror image of the soul.“​

Our treatments intensively care for the face, neck and décolleté as well as your whole well-being in order to enhance your inner and outer beauty.
Our team of beauty & cosmetics places immense value on your individuality and your needs.

To make sure that we can achieve the best results, we collaborate with the brands Cellcosmet, QMS, Craith and Comfort Zone.

For metabolism stimulation and positive influences on regenerative processes, we support the active substance cosmetics with medical (instrumental) cosmetics.

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Unique combination of cosmetics and medicine – this patented living cell therapy from Switzerland impresses with visible results.


The innovative skin care system by Dr. med. Erich Schulte effects on the basis of fruit acid and natural collagen.

[ comfort zone ]

Holistic and individual system which combates skin aging with relaxation rituals.


Our composed packages for you with a lot of relaxation time.

Allgäu Sonne Signature Treatment

Allgäu Sonne Signature Treatment

Convince yourself of our Cellcosmet signature treatment, the only treatment which includes the new biomatrix face and neck mask.

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Medical Beauty

In order to take into account the constantly increasing demands in the area of cosmetic treatments, the Allgäu Sonne offers a whole variety of classical cosmetic treatments, which are based on active agents as well as carefully selected treatments using cosmetic apparatus.

These are used to influence the regeneration of the skin positively, to stimulate the metabolic processes and bring amazing results, when used in combination with active agent cosmetics. The advantages of using cosmetic apparatus are in the effectiveness and sustainability of the treatments, the penetration and the improvement in the quality of the skin.



Radio waves are sent deeply into the skin by gently placing the special electrodes in stroking movements over the skin. The mild warmth in the deep part of the dermis enhances the production of collagen and elastin. The deep tissue is sustainably tightened without putting pressure on or damaging the skin and this effect lasts for up to approximately 6 months. This is also very effective in the case of cellulite or slack connective tissues in the skin.

Radio Frequency For The Face approx. 100 min. € 250,-



Microdermabrasion carefully removes the dead skin cells using crystals. The regeneration of skin is stimulated which means that ingredients can be absorbed in large quantities. The skin’s texture is improved, it is clearer and smoother. Also pigment disorders as well as scars are reduced.

Microdermabrasion Facial approx. 60 min. € 105,-


The vibrations of an ultrasound treatment have a 3-fold effect: Deep warmth, micro massage as well as the infiltration of the active ingredients by means of phonophoresis. This has versatile effects on the skin e.g. stimulation of the metabolism, reduction of wrinkles as well as production of elastin and collagen. Bookable only for Cellcosmet treatments.

Ultrasonic treatment € 35,-

Oxygen treatment

Within this energising treatment with 98% pure oxygen, selected ingredients are implemented in the skin. The improved oxygen supply supports the circulation immediately and stimulates the regeneration processes of the skin. Facial-lines around the eye are and the upper lip as well as pigment disorder are visibly improved. The !QMS Pure Oxygen treatment the fresh kick for a positive and healthy radiance with an instant effect on the skin, without scalpel and pains. Bookable only for Craith and QMS treatments.

Oxygen Treatment

approx. 15 min. € 35,-

Applicable for each facial or bookable as intensive special treatment.



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Cosmetics for Gentlemen

Our care and cosmetic products which are specially developed for male skin guarantee men an unique efficiency and a naturally nourished radiance.

Classical Cosmetics

Eyebrow correction, tinting, cleansing, polish, waxing, manicure, pedicure - you can find the typical cosmetic treatments here.

Body Treatments

At our beauty & cosmetics department it's not all about your face, we treat the whole body.

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