World of Fitness

Sport should be fun and at the same time provide space to breathe as well as being an unforgettable experience. Our new 235 m² panorama fitness world with amazing view over the Allgäu Mountains provides 28 top-modern Technogym fitness machines.

However, nothing is as important as an individual briefing. Therefore, our trainer will gladly take the time to instruct you to our fitness facilities. Your personal training schedule is then saved on the “TGS-Key” – for repeat stays at the hotel or fitness facilities at home providing appropriate equipment. It guarantees for a correct and effectively paced training.

And best of all, beginners as well as top athletes can exercise side by side and many machines can be used for rehabilitation as well.

Equipment Overview

Most of our cardio equipment is equipped with a Visio web console, which enables internet access and TV viewing, with connections for Smartphones and MP3-Players.

Strength-Training Equipment

  • Leg Press (No. 1)
  • Vertical TR Back Traction (No. 2)
  • Pectoral Butterfly (No. 3)
  • Shoulder Press (No. 4)
  • Upper Back (No. 5)
  • Chest Press (No. 6)
  • Multi Hip for legs and glutes (No. 7)
  • Leg Curl (No. 8)
  • Leg Extension (No. 9)
  • Abdominal (No. 10)
  • Rotary Torso (No. 11)
  • Lower Back Bench (No. 12)
  • Cable Station „Kinesis-Omega“, a unique cable based workout that allows for a 360° multifunctional movement (No. 13)
  • 16 pairs of Free Weights/Dumbbells (No. 14)
  •  2 devices for Muscle Stretching (No. 15)

Cardio Equipment

  • 3 Treadmills
    2 Run 700 Visio web console (No. 16)
    1 Run Personal Visio web console (No. 17)
  • 5 Cross Trainers
    3 Vario 700 Visio web (combination out of Cross Trainer and Stepper) (No. 18)
    1 Syncro 700 Visio web console (No. 19)
    1 Crossover (No. 20)
  • 5 Exercise Bikes
    2 sporty Group Cycles (No. 21)
    1 Ergometer Bike 700 Visio web console (No. 22)
    1 Recline (Recumbent) 700 Visio web console (No. 23)
    1 Bike Med for physiotherapeutic use (No. 24)
  • 2 Rowers- Concept II (No. 25)
  • 1 Upper Body / Arm- Ergometer Top 700 Visio web console (No. 26)

Your contact person in our fitness world

To ensure, that we can offer you your desired treatment a reservation should be made before you arrive. For any queries or advice you can contact us at: +49 83 86 70 29 65 or mail us at:

We are looking forward to your request.

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