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Sport is emphasised at the Allgäu Sonne. It's very important for us to address our vacationists, who keep in motion in their leisure time, as well as our Schroth cure guests and sports professionals.

Our sports tutors work with your current training level make sport a new experience - even if sport does not play a major role in your daily life. Check out our portfolio!

Diverse activity programme in your sporthotel

During your holidays at the hotel Allgäu Sonne you can attend up to 10 different sports courses per day (Mon-Sat).

Surely you will find the right activies on offer, too:

  • Hiking Tours:

In addition to our daily guided hikes (Mon-Sat) we take you to an extensive hike to the most beautiful places around the hotel 1-3 times per week depending on the season.


  • Dream Journey:

We inspire the phantasy to enable your mind the possibility to to create own images and feelings.


  • Zumba:

This Latin American combination of dance and aerobic has taken the world and the Allgäu Sonne by storm.


  • Aqua Fit:

Start your day right and stimulate your metabolism with Aqua Fitness.


  • Yoga:

Flowing movements with stretching and strengthening exercises ensure flexibility and stability.


  • Bodyfit:

Minor aids can effect true miracles in fitness. We will show you that during our Bodyfit lesson.


  • Back Fitness: 

The whole hull is activated and back, abdominal and deep torso muscles are stengthened.


  • Thera-Band Gymnastics: 

Fitness exercises with the gymnastics tape.


  • Gymnastics Mix: 

We focuse on strengthening and training the deep, small muscles. Start your day actively.


  • Group Cycling: 

Group Cycling is an efficien, but also diaphoretic endurance training. As the training levels of the cycling bikes can be adjusted individually, beginners and ambitious cyclists can train at the same time.


  • Flexi-Bar Training: 

A training with vibration, where the vibrations are set up by yourself with the flexi-bar. You can choose the intensity.


  • Strong Body's Core: 

Due to special muscle training we improve the body stability and coordination.


  • Healthy Back: 

The mix of stretching, strengthening and coordination exercises tries to prevent back pain and alleviate consisting complaints.


  • Isometric Training (Static Training): 

This special form of strength training works with isometric contractions. Muscles are tensed, though not changed in their length.


  • Funky-Aerobic: 

We combine developing methods of aerobics with traditional steps and dancing elements from Hip-Hop, Aerobic and Funk to the sound of R 'n' B music.

  • Spinal Gymnastics:

Perfect for mobilization, strengthening and stabilisation of your spinal column.


  • Belly-Legs-Bottom Gymnastics:

Specific exercises for the problem areas - also suitable for men.


  • Five Tibetans:

A workout total body (approx. 15 min.), which trains muscels and joints. Boosts the metabolism, the immune system and calmes the nerves.


  • Greeting the sun:

Sequence of body positions, which activate the cardiovascular system, warm up the body and enhance mobility and power. Strengthen your self-confidence!


  • Pilates:

Strengthens hull and deep torso muscles, enhances mobility and body feeling. Thereby breathing is a major component.


  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

The active Jacobsen relaxation method. Thereby musculature is tensed consciouslly and relaxed.


  • Autogenic Training:

A passive relaxation method. Based on autosuggestion and imagination.


  • Stretching:

With stretching exercises for the whole body we break through movement patterns and postural weakness, promote the mobility and prevent muscle shortening.


  • Fascias Training:

Self-massage with the own body weight via a fascias roll or ball. Supports blood circulation, improves the mobility and reduces pain.


  • Heart Meditation:

The meditation is performed in the moves which symbolize the opening of the heart and give and take of life. The accompanying music leads you more and more to concentration. With the whole consciousness in the Here and Now and completely within yourself. The meditation cleanse your whole organism, helps releasing pent-up emotions and makes room for joy and love inside.


  • Mental Training / Relaxation:

Blockades, tensions or stimuli can be reduced or turned off due to activating the subconscious mind in a light state of trance.


  • Deep Relaxation:

The subconscious is guided to an active break, relaxation in a trance-like state.


  • Power Belly:

We strengthen only the belly abdominal muscles - the straight and diagonal muscles as well as the lower belly.


  • Step-Aerobic:

The joint-gentle endurance and coordination training for the whole body is performed with a height-adjustable platform.

A Fitness World like in any other Sporthotel in the Allgäu region

One of the most beautiful Hotel-Fitness Worlds in Germany provides not only a breathtaking view, but also 28 state-of-the-art fitness equipments of Technogym. On spacious 235 m² you can feel free to sweat and get perfectly into shape, while you enjoy the view of the picturesque Alpine range directly in front of you.

You can also watch your favorite series instead of the panorama - the cardio machines labelled "Viseoweb" are equipped with TV and internet connection. In additon to the endurance machines there are a numerous weight training devices. Just use your individual wellness key® and your training progress is stored for future stays or for accordingly equipped gyms at home.

You are not used to device usage? No problem! From Monday till Saturday we daily reserve half an hour for our guests for explaining the equipment. After having made an appointment, we gladly create your individual training plan.

The World of Fitness

Active break

Our offer includes:

  • 5 nights stay including gourmet half-board
  • Basic health check
  • Personal instruction in our ultramodern world of fitness including creation of your individual training schedule
  • Personal Training with tips for training at home
  • Aromatherapy sports massage
  • “Sport-active” – Facial treatment of !QMS
  • This cannot be combined with packages or other offers.
  • Only bookable directly with us!
Services included
  • Varied breakfast buffet
  • 2100 m² wellness area with two indoor and a heated outdoor swimming pool (only in summer), whirlpool, Finnish panoramic sauna and a steam bath
  • 235 m² Fitness World with panoramic view and state-of-the-art equipment from Technogym®
  • 8 different exercise classes daily (from Monday to Saturday)
  • Guided daily walks (from Monday to Saturday) as well as 2-3 longer hikes per week, weather permitting
  • Varied leisure and event programme
  • Weekly cocktail reception
  • Wi-Fi in all the rooms as well as an internet terminal in the lobby
  • Hire of Nordic Walking poles and hiking poles as well as snow-shoes and backpacks
  • Reduction of Green fees on 15 golf courses in the surrounding area
  • Transfer to and from the train station on your date of arrival and departure
  • ​Shuttle bus to and from the town according to the timetable
  • Electricity charging station for Type 2 vehicles and Tesla vehicles
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The sporty boost of freshness during your vacation.

During the basic health check we execute a status analysis with the following measurements: blood preasure, pulse, weight, water and body fat percentage, organ fat value, BMI, Waist/Hip-Ratio, Waist/Height-Ratio. You receive an evaluation with health recommendations as well as nutritional advices for home.

We create your individual training schedule during your personal instruction in our world of fitness.

Our sport tutors create unique exercise sequences during the personal training (approx. 30 min.) to develop your conditional and coordination skills.

In addition you are spoiled with a aromatherapy sports massage (approx. 25 min.) and with our “Sport-active” – facial with products of !QMS (approx. 60 min.).

Personal Training

Perfect golfing directly at the sporthotel Allgäu Sonne

The region Allgäu is really a paradise for golfers - in total 21 excellently maintained courses surrounded in beautiful nature ensure perfect golfing. From our hotel you can reach three of them within a few minutes. One of them (golf club Oberstaufen-Steibis) has been honoured with exceptional 4-stars superior by the German golf court ranking.

More golf information

Fit and active into spring and summer - the sporthotel with unique nature closeness

The region Allgäu is doubtless one of the top-regions in Germany for outdoor-sports. Green pastures, gently rolling hills, dense forests - with all this natural beauty open-air sports is much more fun. And the opportunities for summer-activities are limitless. The Allgäu is of course predestined for mountain biking due to the hilly landscape, but also hikers swear by tours and routes through the region's valleys. In summer the Alpsee and Lake Constance are perfect for a refreshing swim. This was just a short extract from the outdoor-sports possibilities - our receptionists are pleased to give you further advices. In cooperation with Sport Hauber you can rent e-mountainbikes at the Hündle valley station. Our drivers will get you there and pick you up again. At the valley station you also obtain stand up paddles on loan. Perfect for exploring the Great Alpsee.

Holidays in Bavaria's winter sports stronghold

Not only in summer, but also in winter there are many opportunities for being active at the sporthotel Allgäu Sonne. The Allgäu is famous for its snowy winter. By car you only drive 15 minutes until you reach one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Germany. The Imberg mountain railway & ski arena Oberstaufen-Steibis provides 12 ski lifts, 17,6 kilometres of slopes, wonderful landscapes, a Kinderland as well as a new fun park. 

Who preferes the cross-country ski trail, receives a large choice in Oberstaufen. The 85 km cross-country network leads through the most beautiful spots of the area. The cross-country ski trail "Kalzhofen" is illuminated daily from 6.00 p.m. till 8.30 p.m..

Your contact person in our fitness world

To ensure that we can offer your desired treatment, a reservation should be made prior your arrival. For any queries or advices you can contact us at +49 8386 702 910 or mail us at

We are looking forward to your request.

Charly Geretshauser, Head of Sports

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