Craith Lab Gold - Epigenetic Technology

>> Revolutionary products for mature skin with EpiTECH® <<

A time machine for all cell functions that ensures smoother skin and an even complexion. Discover the revolutionary secret of strong and radiant skin through epigenetic technology.

This high-quality line helps to naturally bring your mature skin to the highest attainable level. A radiant skin, regardless of your age. The formula of Craith Lab EpiTECH® focuses on cell communication, epigenetics and rejuvenation.


Gold Signature by Craith Lab

Only with us in the Allgäu Sonne! Meet Craith Lab. This treatment has been specially created for sensitive, mature and sagging skin. The aim of this treatment is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to strengthen the skin so that it regains its radiance. The EpiTECH® formula rejuvenates the skin.

(cleansing, toner, AHA peeling, cleansing, eyebrow correction, collagen, algae modeling, collagen with oxygen, mask with massage, final care, eye care)

approx. 75 Min. | € 160,-


Craith Lab Gold approx. 60 Min. € 140,-
Craith Lab Gold approx. 45 Min. € 99,-


Oxygen treatment

External application of active oxygen to the skin significantly stimulates microcirculation and metabolism of the skin. Oxygen stimulates the metabolism of cells, which with its help can regenerate faster, which in turn prevents wrinkles on the face. Mimic lines around the eye area and upper lip as well as pigmentation disorders are visibly improved.

Oxygen is used in the following treatments: Premium Lifting, Urban Repair, Gold Signature by Craith Lab

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