Philosophy & Team

For our guests luxury is a sense of feeling at home without actually being at home … at home in the Allgäu Sonne. Your own personal place of vitality and joy.

Our unique location, on a sunny southern slope with a panoramic view of the Allgäu alpine range, conveys our passion for elegance, style and enjoyment of life. Our hotel combines traditional touches with innovation. Experience the warm and inviting atmosphere created between our employees and guests.

We're looking forward to welcoming you at the Allgäu Sonne as our guest and actively creating a memorable stay.

Manuel Levinger

The Allgäu Sonne Team

Portrait shot of Rosi Meier in front of the hotel reception

Head of Accommodation

Rosi Meier
Portrait shot of Ralf aliening in the kitchen of the hotel

Head Chef

Ralf Lauzening

Head of Rehabilitation

Sonja Hölzler
Portrait shot of Silke Waschhauser in front of the hotel reception

Head of Reception

Silke Waschhauser
Birk Zogbaum, restaurant manager, Allgäu Sonne

Restaurant Manager

Birg Zogbaum

Administrative Director

Ralf Jajes

Head of Building services

Franz Schlippe
View into the junior suite with a huge comfortable bed

Head of Housekeeping

Team Housekeeping
Portrait shot of Charly in the fitness room of the hotel

Head of Sports

Charly Geretshauser

Head of Spa

Melinda Skofitsch
Portrait shot of Heike Robrahn in an office of the hotel

Head of Marketing

Heike Robrahn

Purchasing Manager

Christina Bachmeier
Portrait shot of Elisabeth in the Allgäu Sonne

Guest Relation Manager

Elisabeth Trenkle


...feeling at home without actually being at home.

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