Activity Programme

Experience days full of power and energy with our diverse in- & outdoor activity programme. With up to 10 different sports classes, such as sports & relaxation courses, Yoga, Zumba and Back Fitness including the daily guided hikes (Mon-Sat) we offer something for every taste.

Please get in contact with our sports department, if you want to know, which courses are suitable for our Schroth Cure guests.

Fascias Training

What are fascias:

Fascias are universal physical materials, also known as connective tissue and pass through the entire body. They are wrapped around all muscels and organs and give our body a structure and form. A sticky connective tissue can cause pain. Fascias training is just an addition and can round off a good training programme, but unfortunately it doesn't replace a good strength and endurance training.


Why should we train fascias?

  • shortens regeneration
  • increases efficiency
  • improves mobility
  • posture and shape become tighter
  • prevents injuries and pain

Just visit our training. Our sports tutors are happy to explain it!

Guided hikes at the Allgäu Sonne

Daily hikes (Mon - Sat)

From Monday till Saturday our sports tutors guide you through the local area and the wonderful landscape. The culmination are the popuar refreshment stops. Depending on the season and weather our hiking guides provide extensive hikes 2-3 times per week on top.


combines Aerobic with Latin American and international dances. Previous dancing experience is not necessary. Not only dancing will bring a great pleasure - but also the look in the mirror: Since Zumba is a real fat burner!

Aqua Fitness / Aqua Gymnastics

Your metabolism increases by movements in water. A workout total body - with or without tools - for power and endurance. Furthermore movement in water causes a massage effect.

Further sports courses

Hiking Tours

A backpack, stable footwear and suitable clothes are conditions for taking part at these hikes. The tours are just recommendable for experienced and sure-footed hikers, as 200 to 400 metres height, demanding terrain and difficult passages are really challenging. The extensive hikes in the region mostly take part from April until November - but if the weather is fine also in wintertime.
Duration: approx. 3 - 4 hours. Of course with refreshment stop....


Focused on flexibility and strengthening as well as to develop a new sense of the body. Body, mind and soul reconcile and inner calm returns.


Zumba combines Aerobic with Latin American and international dances and is a real fat burner.

Theraband Gymnastics

The fitness exercises with the gymnastic tape strengthen the entire body. The training ist quite easy to do and can be used for all ages.

Autogenic Training

Relaxation method, which is based on autosuggestion and was developed from hypnosis.


A gentle training method for body and mind. Individual muscles or muscle groups are specifically activated, relaxed or stretched. Breathing is coordinated with the movements.

Five tibetans

High-energy, beneficial sequence of Yoga exercises. They are combined with standing, horizontal, kneeling and mainly stretching movements.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

The relaxation technique of Jacobsen is based on the alternate tension and relaxation of your muscles.


By combining various relaxation methods such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation or imaginary journeys you can find your inner balance.


Free exercises with the own body weight or with small appliances train your entire body and improve your fitness.


With focused exercises we train your problem zones - for men and women.

Back Fitness

We activate the entire hull and strengthen the belly, back and deep-lying muscles and ensure stability and prevention.


With stretching exercises for the entire body we ensure mobility, prevent muscle shortening and stop movement patterns and daily posture weakness.

Spinal Gymnastics

Exercises, that mobilise, strengthen and stabilise the spine.

Greeting the sun

Yoga-exercises, that stimulates the circulation and which is used for warm-up sessions. All muscles of your body are strengthened and stretched.

Aqua Fit

Gentle fitness training in water. Muscles are trained specifically and effectively, the joints are nevertheless relieved and preserved.

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