Vitality Check - How healthily do you live truly?

Vital substances are indispensable for a healthy life. Their impact on body and soul is enormous, because they contribute energy in everday life, balance the metabolism and are beneficial for the well-being.

On the basis of most recent scientific findings Metabolic Balance has developed a programme, which determines and evaluates your vital status (physique, nutrition, lifestyle, complaints). To this specific questions on nutrition and lifestyle (consumptions of vitamins) give information on your individual need of vital substances. You receive an individual VitalProfile, which documents your vital status and offers professional instructions to increase the vitality.

Data input as well as the review of the achieved results of the institute is done with the help of a Metabolic Balance trained nutritionist. Furthermore you get valuable expert tips, how your eating and living habits can be optimised actively.

Vitality Check

  • appointment for discussing the questionnaire and data input with a Metabolic Balance nutritionist
  • Evaluation of the questions of the Metabolic Balance institute and preperation of an individual vital profile
  • Discussing of the results with a Metabolic Balance nutritionist or doctor
  • Expert tips of our Metabolic Balance nutritionist to optimise your eating and living habits

Price: € 240,- (incl. all external costs)

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The four phases of Metabolic Balance

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Starting vital and slimly into the future with Metabolic Balance.

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